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System::Xml Namespace Reference

包含用于处理 XML 的类型, 为处理 XML 提供支持 More...


class  XmlAttribute
 An attribute is a name-value pair. Elements have an arbitrary number of attributes, each with a unique name. More...
class  XmlAttributeSet
 A class used to manage a group of attributes. It is only used internally, both by the ELEMENT and the DECLARATION. The set can be changed transparent to the Element and Declaration classes that use it, but NOT transparent to the Attribute which has to implement a next() and previous() method. Which makes it a bit problematic and prevents the use of STL. This version is implemented with circular lists because: More...
class  XmlBase
 XmlBase is a base class for every class in TinyXml. It does little except to establish that TinyXml classes can be printed and provide some utility functions. More...
class  XmlComment
 表示XML注释 More...
struct  XmlCursor
 Internal structure for tracking location of items in the XML file More...
class  XmlDeclaration
 In correct XML the declaration is the first entry in the file. More...
class  XmlDocument
 Always the top level node. A document binds together all the XML pieces. It can be saved, loaded, and printed to the screen. The T('value') of a document node is the xml file name. More...
class  XmlElement
 The element is a container class. It has a value, the element name, and can contain other elements, text, comments, and unknowns. Elements also contain an arbitrary number of attributes. More...
class  XmlHandle
class  XmlNode
 The parent class for everything in the Document Object Model. (Except for attributes). Nodes have siblings, a parent, and children. A node can be in a document, or stand on its own. The type of a XmlNode can be queried, and it can be cast to its more defined type. More...
class  XmlPrinter
class  XmlText
 XML text. A text node can have 2 ways to output the next. "normal" output and CDATA. It will default to the mode it was parsed from the XML file and you generally want to leave it alone, but you can change the output mode with SetCDATA() and query it with CDATA(). More...
class  XmlUnknown
 Any tag that tinyXml doesn't recognize is saved as an unknown. It is a tag of text, but should not be modified. It will be written back to the XML, unchanged, when the file is saved. More...
class  XmlVisitor
 Implements the interface to the "Visitor pattern" (see the Accept() method.) If you call the Accept() method, it requires being passed a XmlVisitor class to handle callbacks. For nodes that contain other nodes (Document, Element) you will get called with a VisitEnter/VisitExit pair. Nodes that are always leaves are simply called with Visit(). More...


 RLIB_INTERNAL_EXCEPTION (XmlException, Exception)
 表示XML异常 More...


class RLIB_API XmlDocument
class RLIB_API XmlElement
class RLIB_API XmlComment
class RLIB_API XmlUnknown
class RLIB_API XmlAttribute
class RLIB_API XmlText
class RLIB_API XmlDeclaration
class RLIB_API XmlParsingData

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包含用于处理 XML 的类型, 为处理 XML 提供支持

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System::Xml::RLIB_INTERNAL_EXCEPTION ( XmlException  ,