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System::Xml::XmlPrinter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for System::Xml::XmlPrinter:

Public Member Functions

virtual bool VisitEnter (const XmlDocument &doc)
 Visit a document.
virtual bool VisitExit (const XmlDocument &doc)
 Visit a document.
virtual bool VisitEnter (const XmlElement &element, const XmlAttribute *firstAttribute)
 Visit an element.
virtual bool VisitExit (const XmlElement &element)
 Visit an element.
virtual bool Visit (const XmlDeclaration &declaration)
 Visit a declaration.
virtual bool Visit (const XmlText &text)
 Visit a text node.
virtual bool Visit (const XmlComment &comment)
 Visit a comment node.
virtual bool Visit (const XmlUnknown &unknown)
 Visit an unknown node.
void SetIndent (const String &_indent)
const StringIndent ()
 Query the indention string.
void SetLineBreak (const String &_lineBreak)
const StringLineBreak ()
 Query the current line breaking string.
void SetStreamPrinting ()
const StringCStr ()
 Return the result.
intptr_t Size ()
 Return the length of the result string.

Public Attributes


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