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System::UInt64 Class Reference

表示64位无符号长整数 More...

Inheritance diagram for System::UInt64:
System::Generic::Integral< unsigned __int64 > System::Generic::Arithmetic< unsigned __int64 >

Public Member Functions

 UInt64 (unsigned __int64 i=0)
 UInt64 (const UInt64 &c)
String ToString () const
 将64位无符号长整数转换为字符串形式 More...
String ToString (int _radix) const
 将64位无符号长整数转换为指定进制字符串形式 More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from System::Generic::Integral< unsigned __int64 >
 Integral (const unsigned __int64 &t=0)
 Integral (const Integral &c)
 operator unsigned __int64 & ()
 operator const unsigned __int64 () const
Integraloperator%= (const unsigned __int64 &t)
Integraloperator^= (const unsigned __int64 &t)
Integraloperator&= (const unsigned __int64 &t)
Integraloperator|= (const unsigned __int64 &t)
Integraloperator>>= (const unsigned __int64 &t)
Integraloperator<<= (const unsigned __int64 &t)
Integral operator% (const unsigned __int64 &t) const
Integral operator^ (const unsigned __int64 &t) const
Integral operator& (const unsigned __int64 &t) const
Integral operator| (const unsigned __int64 &t) const
Integral operator>> (const unsigned __int64 &t) const
Integral operator<< (const unsigned __int64 &t) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from System::Generic::Arithmetic< unsigned __int64 >
 Arithmetic (const unsigned __int64 &t=0)
 Arithmetic (const Arithmetic &c)
 operator unsigned __int64 & ()
 operator const unsigned __int64 () const
Arithmeticoperator= (const unsigned __int64 &t)
Arithmeticoperator+= (const unsigned __int64 &t)
Arithmeticoperator-= (const unsigned __int64 &t)
Arithmeticoperator*= (const unsigned __int64 &t)
Arithmeticoperator/= (const unsigned __int64 &t)
const Arithmetic operator+ (const unsigned __int64 &t) const
const Arithmetic operator- (const unsigned __int64 &t) const
const Arithmetic operator* (const unsigned __int64 &t) const
const Arithmetic operator/ (const unsigned __int64 &t) const
Arithmeticoperator++ ()
Arithmetic operator++ (int)
Arithmeticoperator-- ()
Arithmetic operator-- (int)

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned __int64 TryParse (const wchar_t *s, int r=10, wchar_t **_end=nullptr)
 将数字的指定进制字符串表示形式转换为它的等效64位无符号长整数 More...
static unsigned __int64 TryParse (const char *s, int r=10, char **_end=nullptr)
 将数字的指定进制字符串表示形式转换为它的等效64位无符号长整数 More...

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from System::Generic::Arithmetic< unsigned __int64 >
unsigned __int64 m_var

Detailed Description


Member Function Documentation

String System::UInt64::ToString ( ) const


String System::UInt64::ToString ( int  _radix) const


static unsigned __int64 System::UInt64::TryParse ( const wchar_t *  s,
int  r = 10,
wchar_t **  _end = nullptr 


static unsigned __int64 System::UInt64::TryParse ( const char *  s,
int  r = 10,
char **  _end = nullptr 


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