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System::Microsoft::TextSpeaker Class Reference

Simple class to speak some text More...

Public Member Functions

void Speak (String text, bool async=true)
 Speaks some text More...
void Pause ()
 Pauses speaking More...
void Resume ()
 Resumes speaking More...
void Stop ()
 Stops speaking More...
void SpeakToWav (String text, String wavfile, bool async=true)
 Sepeaks some text, and saves to wav More...

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Simple class to speak some text

Member Function Documentation

void TextSpeaker::Pause ( )

Pauses speaking

void TextSpeaker::Resume ( )

Resumes speaking

void TextSpeaker::Speak ( String  text,
bool  async = true 

Speaks some text

void TextSpeaker::SpeakToWav ( String  text,
String  wavfile,
bool  async = true 

Sepeaks some text, and saves to wav

void TextSpeaker::Stop ( )

Stops speaking

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