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System::ManagedObject< R > Class Template Reference

提供对象指针的自动释放方法 More...

Inheritance diagram for System::ManagedObject< R >:
System::Object< R >

Public Member Functions

ManagedObjectoperator= (R *ptr)
 重置对象指针, 并释放之前的对象内存 More...
void Finalize ()
 调用对象终结器 More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from System::Object< R >
 Object (R *ptr)
 operator R * ()
 获取实例对象托管的指针 More...
R * operator-> () const
 访问实例对象托管的指针 More...
R & GetInstance ()
 获取实例对象引用 More...
R * SuppressFinalize ()
 Requests that the system not call the finalizer for the specified object More...
bool IsNull ()
 判断关联的指针是否为 nullptr More...
bool IsNotNull ()
 判断关联的指针是否不为 nullptr More...

Static Public Member Functions

template<class... Args>
static R * construct (Args &&...args)
static void destroy (const R *obj)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from System::Object< R >
R * ObjectPtr

Detailed Description

template<class R>
class System::ManagedObject< R >



Member Function Documentation

template<class R >
void System::ManagedObject< R >::Finalize ( )


template<class R >
ManagedObject& System::ManagedObject< R >::operator= ( R *  ptr)

重置对象指针, 并释放之前的对象内存

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