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System::Ini::IniSection Class Reference

Represents ini section(key-value container) More...

Inheritance diagram for System::Ini::IniSection:

Public Member Functions

 IniSection (const String &value)
virtual void Finalize () override
virtual IniKeyTryGetAsKey () const overridefinal
virtual IniSectionTryGetAsSection () const overridefinal
virtual class IniCommentTryGetAsComment () const overridefinal
virtual void Print (IO::Stream *cout) const
IniKeyoperator[] (const String &key_name)
IniKeyGetKey (const String &key_name) const
bool RemoveKey (const String &key_name)
IniKeyAddKey (const String &key_name=Nothing, const String &key_value=Nothing)

Public Attributes

IniElementCollection Items
- Public Attributes inherited from System::Ini::IniElement
String Value

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from System::Ini::IniElement
 IniElement (const String &value)

Detailed Description

Represents ini section(key-value container)

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