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System::Ini::IniFile Class Reference

Represents ini file(reader/writer/formatter) More...

Public Member Functions

 IniFile (const String &ini_file)
void Clear ()
void RemoveAt (intptr_t index)
bool LoadFromString (const String &ini_string)
bool LoadFromStream (const System::IO::Stream &ini_data, intptr_t ini_data_size)
bool LoadFromFile (const String &ini_file)
bool SaveFile (Text::Encoding codepage=Text::UnknownEncoding) const
bool SaveFile (const String &filename, Text::Encoding codepage=Text::UnknownEncoding) const
bool SaveFile (System::IO::Stream *, Text::Encoding codepage=Text::UnknownEncoding) const
const IniException * GetLastException () const
IniSectionGetSection (const String &section_name) const
bool RemoveSection (const String &section_name)
IniSectionAddSection (const String &section_name)
IniKeyGetKey (const String &key_name) const
bool RemoveKey (const String &key_name)
IniKeyAddKey (const String &key_name, const String &val=Nothing)
IniSectionoperator[] (const String &section_name)
String Read (const String &section_name, const String &key_name, const String &def_val=Nothing) const
void Write (const String &section_name, const String &key_name, const String &val)
int ReadInt (const String &section_name, const String &key_name, int def_val=0) const
void WriteInt (const String &section_name, const String &key_name, int val)

Public Attributes

IniElementCollection Items

Protected Attributes

String m_file
String m_data
IniException m_error

Detailed Description

Represents ini file(reader/writer/formatter)

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