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System::Collections::Generic::Stack< R > Class Template Reference

表示对象的简单后进先出 (LIFO) 泛型集合 More...

Inheritance diagram for System::Collections::Generic::Stack< R >:
System::Collections::Generic::List< R >

Public Member Functions

R & Peek ()
 返回位于 Stack<Of R> 顶部的对象但不将其移除 More...
Pop ()
 移除并返回位于 Stack<Of R> 顶部的对象 More...
bool Push (const R &item)
 将对象插入 Stack<Of R> 的顶部 More...
const intptr_t GetLength ()
 获取 Stack<Of R> 中包含的元素数 More...
 RLIB_PROPERTY_GET (const intptr_t Count, GetLength)
 获取 Stack<Of R> 中包含的元素数 More...
void Clear ()
 清空栈 More...

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

template<class R>
class System::Collections::Generic::Stack< R >

表示对象的简单后进先出 (LIFO) 泛型集合

Member Function Documentation

template<class R >
void System::Collections::Generic::Stack< R >::Clear ( )


template<class R >
const intptr_t System::Collections::Generic::Stack< R >::GetLength ( )

获取 Stack<Of R> 中包含的元素数

template<class R >
R& System::Collections::Generic::Stack< R >::Peek ( )

返回位于 Stack<Of R> 顶部的对象但不将其移除

template<class R >
R System::Collections::Generic::Stack< R >::Pop ( )

移除并返回位于 Stack<Of R> 顶部的对象

template<class R >
bool System::Collections::Generic::Stack< R >::Push ( const R &  item)

将对象插入 Stack<Of R> 的顶部

template<class R >
System::Collections::Generic::Stack< R >::RLIB_PROPERTY_GET ( const intptr_t  Count,

获取 Stack<Of R> 中包含的元素数

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